About Dr Zeeba Shariff

Dr Zeeba Shariff qualified as a Medical doctor in 1988. After which she worked as senior home officer in various hospital departments, such as A&E, Maternity, Pediatric children unit and in general medicine.

In 2002 she obtained her Master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine from the University of Surrey, followed by training in applied Nutrition and Herbalism from the Centre of Nutritional Education. She is a full member of BANT, NTC, CHNC, The Nutrition Society, Candida Society, Cambridge Nutritional Science and Genova Diagnostics.

For the last ten years she has been working as successful Nutritional Therapist and has completed numerous courses in the different fields of Nutrition recognized by the Royal College of Medicine, BANT, CAM and Nutrition Society.

Dr Shariff also lectures at Mayday hospital to the Cardiac Support group and does health talks at the South Norwood and Freed Clinic.

Her articles are published and featured in magazines such as ”Slim at home” and "Yours”. In addition, her clients include people from UK and abroad such as Holland, Spain, Canada and USA.

Her specialties include:

Weight loss programs

Gastrointestinal Problems – such as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Food Intolerance’s

Nutrition for babies and toddlers

Nutrition for older age groups with diabetes, and high blood pressure

Changing eating habits

Stressful life style